Which technology is right for me? 

The best way to choose a new saddle is to get a comprehensive fit, such as through Retül. Retül is a data-driven bicycle fitting tool designed to improve comfort, prevent injury, and increase performance.

First, you should consider what type of riding you wish to do. See the image below for a suggestion of which Specialized saddles are best for which riding types:

Next, consider which level of padding is right for you. Specialized offers six levels of padding, from 1: extra firm to 6: thickest foam.

Finally, choose the saddle width that best fits your body. This can be done through a Retül fit, or you can do it at home with guidance from the Saddle Sizing app.

The app will provide a suggested saddle width for your sit bone width.

What are the saddle weight limits?

Specialized saddles with carbon rails, such as the S-Works Power with Mirror and the Phenom Pro Elaston, have a weight limit of 240 pounds.