Running the correct tire pressure is crucial for a controlled and enjoyable ride.What you see below is a recommendation of a starting point or a "ballpark" tire pressure based on rider weight and tire size. Your preferred tire pressure may vary according to load, terrain, conditions, and ride style. Front tires can be inflated with less pressure than rear tires. You'll also see a decal on your wheels indicating maximum inflation pressure--never exceed the maximum inflation pressure of your tires or rims. Enjoy your ride! 

The Aethos complete bike is equipped with 26mm tires. The frame will accommodate a tire width up to 32mm on 21mm rims with a clearance of 4mm.

Image of road bike tire pressure graph -click to enlarge

Tubeless conversion

Many riders choose to convert to tubeless tires to prevent pinch flats. Tubeless tires allow riders to use lower inflation pressure without the risk of damaging a tube from impacts.  Please ensure that both your rims and tires are tubeless compatible before proceeding.