Ensuring that your child's bike fits properly is crucial for their safety and enjoyment.  Your Authorized Specialized Retailer will be able to provide a basic fit. Try our Jett Fit app to try this at home.

Size Chart

Feet + InchesCentimetersSize
3'1" – 3'11"95 – 121Jett 16
3'4" – 4'3"102 – 132Jett 20
3'6" – 4'10"109 – 147Jett 24

Adjusting saddle height

The correct saddle height is crucial for pedaling efficiency and comfort. When your child first begins to ride, they may be more comfortable with a lower saddle height so they can put a foot down easily. As your child becomes more experienced, aim for only a slight bend in the knee when your child's foot is on the pedal in the 6 o'clock position as shown below.

If you raise the seatpost, ensure that the seatpost is inserted past the minimum insertion line.

Tire Pressure

The tires must be inflated to 20-30 PSI. Periodically check and re-inflate the tires as needed.