The model year 2022 Como, Vado, and Tero bikes, which feature the new MasterMind TCD, include a Turbo System Lock that electronically locks the motor support for the bike. There is also an optional beeper alarm or lights if the bike is moved while locked. You can unlock your bike either with the Mission Control app or by entering your PIN on the TCD using your remote.

To set up the Turbo System lock:

  1. Register your bike at or in the Mission Control app and provide your proof of purchase (e.g., a receipt)
  2. Connect your bike with the Mission Control app (v2.7.0 or higher)
  3. Customize your lock PIN in the Mission Control app
    1. Tap on the cog wheel icon next to the 4 digit PIN on the home screen
    2. Enter your chosen 4 digit PIN in the pop up window and tap "Save"
    3. You can view your new PIN on the Mission Control home screen as well as on To find it on, log in and go to "Registered Bikes" then click "View Turbo System Lock PIN" next to the relevant bike.

To lock your bike:

  1. Turn the bike on and connect to Mission Control, then tap "Lock Bike" in the app
  2. Tap "Lock" in the pop up menu. You have the option to enable the beeper alarm if you wish.
  3. On your MasterMind TCD, the screen will read "Unlock with App or PIN"
  4. Press the power button to turn off the bike, and you will see the "Locked" screen. If you do not power off the bike, it will turn off automatically after 15 minutesWhether the screen is showing "Unlock with App or PIN" or "Locked", the lock is activated.

Please use a physical lock in addition to the Turbo System lock to prevent theft. 

To unlock your bike:

Using the Mission Control app

  1. Power on your bike
  2. Connect your bike to Mission Control
  3. Tap "Unlock" in the app

Using your PIN 

  1. Power on your bike
  2. Press the + or - button on your handlebar remote so the PIN entry screen appears on the TCD
  3. Press the + or - buttons until each digit matches your PIN, then press F1 to move onto the next digit entry
  4. Press F2 to move back to the previous digit
  5. Once you have entered the correct 4 digits, press F1 to submit the PIN and unlock the bike