What is "Alert Light Mode"?

  • When the alarm is activated, the lights flash in sync with the alarm sound

  • It's available for bikes with lights connected (output of 12V/24W, 2A max). Recommended lights are: Supernova M99 Mini Pro-25, Lupine SL X E-Bike, Light & Motion Seca 1800 E-Bike.

What happens if the bike is locked and I lose/change my phone?

  • You can enter the Turbo System lock PIN using the handlebar remote to unlock the bike. If you forgot your PIN, visit specialized.com, then sign in using the same account email and password as you use for Mission Control (don’t create a new account). Using the left menu “Registered bikes”, select the bike and then tap “View Turbo System Lock PIN.”
  • When you get a new phone, download and log into your Mission Control account. Turn on the bike and go to the add bike screen in Mission Control. Click on the serial number that matches your bike. The app will then prompt you to pair to the bike. Once the bike is paired you will see the option to unlock the bike via the app or view the Turbo System Lock PIN.

What happens if I leave my bike locked for one week?

  • The alarm can still be triggered and the battery percentage will remain the same as when the bike was turned off.

What happens if the bike is locked and my phone dies?

  • You can enter the Turbo System lock PIN using the handlebar remote to unlock the bike. 

  • You can log into your Mission control account on another mobile phone.

  • If you forgot your PIN, you can log into your specialized.com account on another device and select "View Turbo System Lock PIN". You can then unlock your bike via the handlebar remote. Ensure you select the correct bike if you have multiple registered bikes.

What bikes are compatible with the Turbo System Lock?

This feature is available only for bikes with the MasterMind TCD, which is included with the model year 2022 Turbo Como, Vado and Tero. 

Can I remove my main bike battery when the bike is in a locked state?

Yes this is possible, but it is not advised as this can trigger the beeper alarm and affect the visual lock displays. You won't be able to unlock the bike until the main battery has been reattached. 

PIN Questions

How do I get to the PIN entry screen on the MasterMind TCD?

  1. Power on the bike

  2. Press the + or - buttons on the remote to start entering the PIN

Where can I find my lock PIN?

  • On first connection to the bike, the app auto generates a 4 digit lock PIN to unlock the bike via the handlebar remote. You can customize the PIN by tapping the cog icon next to the PIN on the Mission Control home screen.

  • You can also find your PIN on the Mission Control bike settings screen "Show PIN" or if you log in to your account on Specialized.com and select "View Turbo System Lock PIN" under your registered bikes. 

Mission Control Questions

I registered my bike, but I see a red “Enable” button. Why can’t I lock my bike?

  • To confirm that the genuine owner remains in control of who is permitted to lock the bike, Specialized requires the owner to upload proof of purchase before the lock function is enabled. Simply click “Enable Lock” within Mission Control when paired to the bike and take a picture of your store receipt.
  • Once you have submitted your proof of purchase, you will see a 4 digit PIN instead of the red "enable" button and you will be able to activate the lock by tapping "Lock Bike".

Why can't I remove my bike from Mission Control?

  • Make sure that your bike is unlocked. You will not be able to remove a locked bike from the My Bikes list in Mission Control. 

What happens if I accidentally remove my locked bike from my Bluetooth device list?

  • It's no problem! Open Mission Control and turn on your bike. The app will then connect to your bike and trigger the pairing prompt. Once the bike is paired you will be able to unlock the bike via the app.

Can I register multiple bikes to my Mission Control Account?

  • Yes you can! Registering a bike on Mission Control will mean that your bike is registered to your Specialized user account. If you log in with the same credentials on Specialized.com or the Ride App, you will notice that your bike is already listed in "Registered Bikes".