The following instructions apply to the latest version of Mission Control 3.0, updated on July 19, 2022. Check the App Store or Play Store to manually update Mission Control if your app hasn't automatically updated.

Add a bike

After you Create an Account, you'll need to add your first bike. To do so, turn the bike on, click on the Add Bike button and follow the prompts to pair your bike.

  1. If you are asked for a pairing code, enter the 6-digit code that comes with your bike.
    1. TCU bikes: You can find the pairing code on the Peel Me sticker when your bike is new. This sticker should be placed on the last page of your manual. You can also find the pairing code on the underside of your TCU if you remove it.
    2. TCD-w bikes: The 6-digit pairing PIN will appear on the TCD-w display for about 20 secs after you click on the bike's serial number; if that PIN is not entered, a new one will be issued at next attempted connection. 
    3. MasterMind TCU bikes: Your bike will automatically connect to the app. Touch "pair" on your phone and "+" on the bike's remote to confirm.
  2. The connected bike's serial number will appear and the screen will display "Connected" in green.

Note: If you have to remove/reinstall the TCU to read the code, do not over tighten the Torx 10 screw (max. 0.8 Nm).

You can add additional Turbo bikes by clicking on the icon on the upper left, then the plus sign. You can rename your bikes or delete them from the app by clicking on the three dots next to the bike's serial number.

Need more help? See our video:

Record your ride

After you're connected, click the Ride button to record your rides. The My Rides button shows you the time duration, distance, and total power consumption or your past rides.  

For more information on tuning your bike, diagnosing problems, and service history, click on the links below:

How Do I Use the In-app Help Guide?

On the individual screens within the app, you'll be able to access a help guide by tapping on the (?) button in the upper right. This in-app help guide holds explanations on the key terms and features related to the individual screens. In order to view this feature, you have to be online using wifi or data. 

You can access all of the help content by clicking on Settings in the main menu, then scrolling down to Help.