In the Mission Control app (v3.0 or higher), you now have access to viewing your bike’s service log. In your Service Log, you can view all your upcoming and completed services.

To schedule a service, please contact your local Specialized authorized retailer. You can find one here:

When your service is complete, you will see the service activity listed under the completed service. Here you have the ability to download a pdf report of your service, showing what service actions were completed on your bike.

Service FAQs

I just completed a service with my local retailer, why am I not seeing anything within Mission Control?

If your local retailer is not a Specialized authorized retailer, your service will not be listed.

If your retailer is Specialized authorized, please wait up to 24 hours after service for it to show within the app. If the service continues not to show within the app, please contact your retailer.

How do I change the service date listed within the app?

Please contact your retailer to reschedule your service, and then you will see the updated service date within the app.