The settings screen shows information on your bike, profile, sensors, and options for your ride settings. 


You can add a new bike, connect to a known bike, and manage bikes you have already connected to here.

Register your bike

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There are several ways to register your bike: via, within Mission Control app or Ride app.

Here's how to register your bike in Mission Control :

  1. Upon connecting to your Turbo bike, you will be prompted to register your bike.
  2. Or in Settings
    1. Go to Bikes.
    2. Tap on the cog wheel icon next to your bike name. 
    3. Then select 'Register Bike'.
Registration will help us provide you with better service. We can keep you updated regarding important information that applies to your bike or riding style. Warranty inquiries will also become more efficient.


Here you can add a Bluetooth heart rate belt/strap to monitor your heart rate. You can set your turbo support to maintain a chosen heart rate. To see sensors you can pair with, ensure the BLE device is active, in range, and has enough power to be paired. Heart rate belts/straps need to be worn to transmit a signal.

My Profile

Define personal data, like date of birth, gender, height, and weight. This screen also allows you to log out of the App.

Display Always Active

This feature allows you to choose if the mobile screen stays on or off. For example, if you have your phone mounted to the handlebar and/or ride in low light conditions, you may want to keep the display on. 

Note: For your own safety and that of others, never look on your phone or use touchscreen/buttons while moving. If you need to use the phone and/or Mission Control App, stop in a safe place. Stow your phone before you continue your ride. 

Auto Start Active

To make ride recording more convenient, we recommend enabling Auto Start Active in Settings. This way, all rides longer than 50m are recorded automatically and ride recording is paused after 29 seconds without movement. Ride recording is resumed automatically after ride breaks as long as you are connected to the bike. Should the connection to the bike be interrupted, a pop-up message will allow you to choose if you want to continue with ride recording, or save the current ride. If you ignore the pop-up and the connection is re-established, it will disappear from the screen once the ride is resumed. Ride tracking is saved automatically after 3 hours without movement.

Unit System

Choose between Metric (km/h and km) and Imperial (mph and mi) units.


You can choose to upload your rides automatically to your STRAVA® account here. Once on STRAVA®, they’ll be saved to the dedicated E-Bike category. This also enables you to see ride data such as normalized power or average cadence. 


You can choose to upload your rides automatically to your Komoot account here.

See the video How to manage your settings in Specialized Mission Control