Pre-Fit Assessment

The first step to a Retül fit is a pre-fit assessment, where the fitter takes into account your body's limitations, previous injuries and pains, and your goals on the bike.

Data Capture

The fitter will have you get on either your own bike or the Müve SL fit bike and place LED markers on 8 anatomical points of the body which will be tracked by the Vantage Motion Capture System. The system collects real-time, three-dimensional data at each pedal stroke to keep the experience dynamic.

Data Analysis

As the data is compiled, the software will display key metrics so the fitter can work to develop the perfect riding position for you. During the fit, the fitter may recommend or change certain pieces of equipment to help you achieve the ideal riding position. 

Fit Report Generation

Once a position has been dialed in, the fitter then takes a digital map of the final setup with the Retül Zin tool. This tool provides millimeter-specific measurements of all relevant bike setup data including saddle height, saddle set back, frame stack, frame reach and more. 

The data and Zin measurements are compiled into a fit report in the Retül Passport that you will be able to reference at any time after the fit.