You can check the tightness of the handlebar, stem, and seatpost by securing the bike between your legs and trying to forcefully twist the handlebar and saddle. It should take a significant amount of force to twist these components. If either moves easily, realign the part, check the bolt tension and try again. Repeat as necessary until there is no movement.

  1. Nuts, bolts, and other fasteners: Ensure the bolts are tight on seat collar, stem, and wheels. 

  2. Wheels: Ensure the wheels spin freely and are centered in the frame and fork.

  3. Tires: The tires must be inflated to 20-30 PSI. Periodically check and re-inflate the tires. 

  4. Seatpost: Ensure that the saddle height is correct and that the minimum insertion line is not visible.

  5. Brakes:  Ensure that they function correctly, do not rub on the rim or tire, and that the brake lever reach is properly adjusted.

  6. Headset: The headset should be pre-adjusted and aligned out of the box. If the headset is loose or the stem is misaligned, please visit your Authorized Specialized Retailer.