Rider-First Engineered

The Rider-First Engineered™ philosophy is a size-specific approach to frame construction that ensures every frame performs flawlessly. This is achieved through a mix of extensive data acquisition, expert feedback from professional riders, and a meticulous approach to carbon construction. 


Q: What has changed between the SL6 and SL7?

A: The SL7 frame is more aerodynamic than the SL6 without adding any weight or sacrificing stiffness. As a complete bike, the SL7 features a more aerodynamic handlebar, stem, and Roval Rapide CLX wheels. 

Q: What is the difference between the S-Works, Pro, and Expert versions?

A: The S-Works frame is built with FACT 12r carbon for the lightest and stiffest frame possible. The SL7 frame for the Pro and Expert bikes has the same aerodynamics but uses FACT 10r carbon. Pro bike builds have higher end components than Expert bike builds to provide options at different price points.

Q: Are there other models of Tarmac still available?

A: Yes. The line doesn’t stop with the Tarmac SL7 Expert model.

  • Tarmac SL6 Comp includes Shimano Ultegra mechanical shifting, hydraulic disc brakes, and durable DT R470 Disc wheels. Weight: 7.9kg
  • Tarmac SL6 Sport includes Shimano 105 mechanical shifting, hydraulic disc brakes, and durable DT R470 Disc wheels. Weight: 8.1kg
  • Tarmac SL6 includes 10-speed Shimano Tiagra mechanical shifting, hydraulic disc brakes, and durable Axis Sport Disc wheels. Weight: 8.65kg

Q:  Why is the SL7 not offered in a rim brake option? 

A:  The SL7 is offered exclusively as disc brake frame to improve aerodynamics and enhance braking performance over a rim brake frame. 

Q:  How can I mount time trial bars on my new Tarmac? 

A:  The Tarmac Stem is not compatible with the current 21019-2002 ITU/TT/TRI VENGE CLIP-ON CLAMP.  Ask your Specialized dealer to order part 21021-2003 ITU/TT/TRI CLIP ON TARMAC CLAMP.