Disc brakes only

The Tarmac SL7 is compatible only with disc brakes.


Using Rider First Engineering, there are three fork variations used on the Tarmac SL7.  These forks vary in geometry and stiffness to ensure ride quality and performance is maintained for all frame sizes:

Frame Size









V1 Fork

V2 Fork

V3 Fork

Fork Offset47mm44mm44mm


The seatpost for the Tarmac SL7 is a custom aero-shaped post. A round seatpost is not compatible. There are 2 setbacks: 0mm and 20mm. There are also 2 lengths: 300mm and 380mm. These seatposts use the Specialized Pave seatpost clamp hardware for either 7x7mm or 7x9mm saddle rails, 2812-9050.

Bottom Bracket

Tarmac SL7 models use a threaded BSA 68mm bottom bracket.  

Cable Routing

Cable routing for the Tarmac SL7 frame is fully internal.

For models equipped with AeroFly bars, a piece of foam churro is included in the small parts box.  This churro is intended to be cut into small lengths and used in the bars to reduce noise.

Cables are routed beneath the stem using a cable bat, S204800003.  Cables are routed into the upper stem transition and through spacers into the top cap and compression ring.

ICR grommets are used for both the chainstay and fork brake house exits, S179900013.

ICR ports are available to accommodate many variations of electronic and mechanical shifting:


Front Derailleur 

Rear Derailleur

Mechanical, full length housingS169900008S159900006
Mechanical, exposed FD cableS206500007S159900006


Shimano Di2S179900015, route wire behind FD hangerS159900006
Campagnolo EPSS159900006, route wire through port behind BBS159900006

A removable rubber BB cover gives access for routing, S189900021.

Frames may be converted from one type of drivetrain to another with service parts available from your Authorized Specialized Retailer.

Tire Clearance

Tarmac SL7 has clearance for 700x28c tires on Roval 21mm wide rims. Tires up to 700x30c may fit with less than 6mm of clearance.  As tires and rim width vary in size, ensure that you have adequate clearance around the frame, fork and tires before riding.