Never use a high-pressure cleaner when cleaning your bike or wash with a hose from a very close distance.  Please ensure you use only a low-pressure hose to clean sensitive parts like bearings, headset, and wheel hubs, etc. Use a soft brush and a bucket of high-quality bike cleaner to wash off all stubborn dirt.  Rinse off your bike with a low-pressure hose to clean off all excess soap.  Wipe down your bike with a soft cloth to dry off all excess water.  Apply a high-quality bike lube to your chain.

Retailer Service

Regular inspections and service by an Authorized Specialized Retailer is of great importance to keep bikes in top condition. For recommended service intervals on Specialized-designed and manufactured parts, refer to the manual or to an Authorized Specialized Retailer. For components that are not designed and manufactured by Specialized, consult directly with the manufacturer or through an Authorized Specialized Retailer.


User Manual - Tarmac SL7