The Como SL features a fully internally routed cockpit. This means that the brake, shifting, and light cables are routed inside the frame and handlebars.


The Como SL handlebar is a custom design. To adjust the alignment, loosen the two bolts located underneath a cover on the integrated handlebar stem (see image below). Make sure there are equal gaps to the left and right side of the bracket. Tighten the bolts to 6.2 Nm / 55 in-lbf.

Front Rack and Basket

The Como SL is equipped with a frame-mounted front rack and basket. The rack/basket will not move with the handlebars when you are turning. 

Note: maximum weight limit of the front rack is 15 kg / 33 pounds.

To mount the front rack:

  1. Place the spacer plate (B) between the rack (A) and the head tube of the frame. 
  2. Apply medium threadlocker to the bolts. 
  3. Torque the bolts to 5 Nm / 44 in-lbf.

To attach the basket, torque the bolts to 5 Nm / 44 in-lbf.