Rear Rack & Fender

Note: The rear rack weight limit is 20 kg / 44 pounds.

The rear rack is combined with the rear fender. The vertical rack stays are attached with bolts to mounting tabs at the dropouts. Torque the bolts to 4.5 Nm / 40 in-lbf.

The rear fender is mounted to the frame using the seatstay bridge insert (image A below) and the chainstay bridge insert (image B below). Torque the bolts to 4.5 Nm / 40 in-lbf.

Front Fender

The front fender is mounted directly to the fork crown (image A below). Torque the bolt to 4.5 Nm / 40 in-lbf. 

The front fender stays are mounted by inserting the stays into the dropout holes and securing with set screws (B). Torque the set screws to 3 Nm / 27 in-lbf.