Install the handlebar

The stem comes pre-installed on the balance bike. The handlebar assembly must be installed on the stem.

  1. Loosen the faceplate bolts (1 below), then remove the bolts and the faceplate from the stem.
    Image of stem bolts -click to enlarge

  2. Place the handlebar against the stem and replace the faceplate. Thread each bolt through the faceplate and into the stem body until they are equally finger-tightened, and the upper and lower gaps between the stem body and faceplate are equal, as shown with the red arrows below.
    Image of handlebar spacing -click to enlarge

  3. Make sure the handlebar is centered with the stem by vertically and horizontally centering the handlebar logo in the stem faceplate as shown below.
    Image of centered handlebar -click to enlarge

  4. Use the supplied torque wrench and 4mm Allen bit to tighten each faceplate bolt approximately 1/2 turn in an alternating (cross) pattern as shown below, then repeat the cross pattern to torque to 45 in-lbf / 5.1 Nm.
    Image of tightening faceplate bolts -click to enlarge

Adjust the seat height

  1. Check the height of the saddle by having your child sit on the bike. While there is a range of saddle height that can work, the ideal position to maximize control is for your child’s feet to be flat on the ground with a slight knee bend. More pronounced knee bend or moderate space under the heels, while acceptable, can result in less control of the balance bike. Experiment with the saddle height until you find the position that works best for your child.

  2. If the saddle height needs to be adjusted, use the supplied 5mm Allen key and torque wrench to loosen the seat collar bolt and adjust the height. Make sure the minimum insertion line on the seatpost is not visible. 

    When adjusting the saddle height, the seatpost must be inserted deep enough into the frame so the minimum insertion line is not visible.

    Once the correct height is determined, align the saddle with the center line of the bike, then torque the seat collar bolt to 70 in-lbf / 8.0 Nm using the supplied torque wrench and 5mm Allen bit.

    Image of seatpost height -click to enlarge