Wahoo made an update to their software which has affected Wahoo integration in the Ride app. This affects only Android users - users with OS 13 and above will continue to see the Wahoo feature in the Ride app, but the functionality will not work. 

Riders with Android running below OS 13 will be able to continue using the Wahoo feature; however, we recommend using safety-only mode and starting a ride both in the Ride app and on Wahoo.

Which Wahoo ELEMNT GPS bike computer models does the Ride app integrate with?

The Ride app integrates with all Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer except for the ELEMNT MINI. The integration works with the ELEMNT ROAM, ELEMNT BOLT, and the original ELEMNT.

How does ANGi communicate with a Wahoo ELEMNT GPS bike computer?

The Ride app acts as a bridge between the Wahoo ELEMNT and the ANGi sensor when both devices are connected to it. As long as the Ride app is running in the background, the Wahoo ELEMNT and ANGi can connect and transfer data via the Ride app.

Why don't I see the Wahoo setup screen on the Ride app?

To navigate to the Wahoo setup screen, go to the Gear tab and tap Devices at the top of the screen.

If you don't see the option to add a Wahoo, please make sure you have the latest version of the app. 

Why is the Ride app telling me to update my ANGi firmware?

In order for your ANGi to connect to your Wahoo, your ANGi's firmware must be updated. You will not be able to ride with ANGi until its firmware is up-to-date.

Can I connect my Wahoo to the Ride app if I don't have an ANGi?


Can I connect more than one Wahoo ELEMNT to the Ride app?

No. Currently, the Ride app only allows users to connect one Wahoo ELEMNT to their account.

How can I make the Ride app forget a Wahoo ELEMNT that I have previously connected?

iOS: From the Ride app, navigate to the Gear tab and swipe left on the Wahoo cell. Tap the Delete area.

Android: From the Ride app, navigate to the Gear tab and tap on the three dot icon on the right of the Wahoo cell. Tap Delete.

How do I enable ANGi at the beginning of the ride if I'm recording with my Wahoo ELEMNT?

Once the Wahoo and ANGi have been connected to the Ride app, you can enable their ANGi from the bike computer without having to pull out your phone.

At the beginning of the ride, all you have to do is shake the ANGi (the light will flash green) and press start on the Wahoo ELEMNT (in either order; press start on Wahoo, then shake ANGi also works). The bike computer will display a notification stating that ANGi has been activated.

Please note that the Ride app must be running in the phone’s background for this behavior to work. We recommend always having the app running in the background.

Why is my ride not showing up on completed rides list on the Ride app?

In order for your Wahoo ELEMNT to pass the ride to the Ride app, they must be connected during the ride. This requires that the Ride app is running in the background when you start and during your ride. When connected, you will see a notification on the Wahoo's screen.

If you are sure the Wahoo ELEMNT and the Ride app were communicating, try the following:

  • Check that Wahoo is connected to wifi. This is an easy way for it to send up rides.
  • Check that the ride has uploaded to your Wahoo Companion app.
  • Open the Wahoo ELEMENT Companion app and click into the activity. Tap on the upload icon and select the Ride app option. You must have wifi or cellular service for the upload to be successful. 

Does the Ride app need to be open in order for my Wahoo ELEMNT to communicate with it?

Yes. The Ride app must be running in the phone’s background in order for it to communicate with a Wahoo. As long as it is on in the background, there is no need to pull out the phone at the beginning of the ride.

Can the emergency alert be cancelled from the Wahoo ELEMNT if I'm ok?

Yes. If ANGi detects an impact, the countdown timer will be displayed on the ELEMNT. If the rider is OK and doesn't need to call for help, they can cancel it from the ELEMNT display.

If I use my Wahoo ELEMNT bike computer to enable ANGi, will my ride be saved on the Ride app?

Ride recording is performed on the Wahoo ELEMNT only. The ride will not be recorded twice.

When a ride is saved on your ELEMNT, it will automatically be synced to the cloud and displayed on the Ride app. The ELEMNT must be online for this functionality to work. If it is not, the user can sync their completed Wahoo ride via the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion app.

Does the Ride app connect to Garmin computers?

At the moment, Wahoo ELEMNT computers are the only bike computers that can be connected to the Ride app and ANGi.

What happens if my Wahoo ELEMNT is not working?

First, follow these steps on the Wahoo Support Center to un-pair and re-pair your Wahoo to your phone. If this doesn't solve your problem, please contact Wahoo support here: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.