1. Go to Ride and tap Start Ride. 
    • If an ANGi is connected, it will appear as "ANGi on" in the interface. (If your activated ANGi does not appear connected, gently shake your helmet to do so*) 
    • The last bike you rode will also appear here. If you are riding a different bike, tap on the one listed to select a different one from your registered bikes.
  2. At the end of your ride, select Pause, then select Stop Ride to stop (your ride will remain open but will remain paused until you take action) and then End Ride to complete it.
  3. Add details to your ride, including name, type of ride, and which bike you rode. Here, you can also choose to upload the ride to Strava. 
  4. Select Save Ride. Alternatively, you can choose to discard the ride. 

Access ride recording options by selecting the settings icon at the top of the Ride screen to enable auto-pause, Safety-only mode (Ride recording on Android), and to include a Ride Time Alert (learn more here). If you'd prefer to use ANGi and Ride app safety features without recording your activity, toggle Safety-only mode ON (ride recording OFF on Android).