Wahoo made an update to their software which has affected Wahoo integration in the Ride app. This affects only Android users - users with OS 13 and above will continue to see the Wahoo feature in the Ride app, but the functionality will not work. 

Riders with Android running below OS 13 will be able to continue using the Wahoo feature; however, we recommend using safety-only mode and starting a ride both in the Ride app and on Wahoo.

The integration with Wahoo ELEMNT allows you to use ANGi without having to pull out your phone. When you are heading out on a ride, hit start on your ELEMNT as you normally do, shake your ANGi, and ride off knowing ANGi has your back. Your ANGi will communicate with your Wahoo ELEMNT GPS bike computer through the Specialized Ride app. 

To connect a Wahoo ELEMNT to the Ride app: 

  1. Turn on your Wahoo device and ensure that it has been paired to the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion app.
  2. Open the Ride app, go to the Gear tab, then the Devices sub-tab and tap "Setup Wahoo ELEMNT." Alternatively, tap the "+" and select Wahoo ELEMNT GPS bike computer. 
  3. Select your Wahoo from the list of found devices. 
  4. Next time you ride, all you’ll need to do to use your ANGi is hit start on your ELEMNT and shake your helmet. No need to take out your phone (as long as the Ride app is running in the background).

Note: After you complete the setup, do not close the app. The app needs to be open in the background of your mobile device for this integration to be seamless. We recommend never fully closing the app.  

For more information on the Wahoo Integration, please visit the Wahoo Integration FAQs page.