Ensuring that your new Roubaix is properly fit to you is an important step in preparing for your first ride.  Your Authorized Specialized Retailer will be able to provide a basic fit, ensuring that you are able to ride your Roubaix comfortably and efficiently. Specialized also offers Retül Fit, a data-driven bicycle fitting tool designed to improve comfort, prevent injury, and increase performance. 

Retül can help you estimate your Roubaix bike size and saddle height here

Adjusting saddle height

To adjust the saddle height, begin by moving the rubber grommet up the seatpost to expose the seatpost wedge bolt.  The seatpost wedge bolt may be adjusted with either a 4mm hex or an 8mm socket.  Loosen the wedge bolt and adjust the saddle height as needed.  Ensure that the seatpost is inserted far enough to block the minimum insertion hole (A in image below) on the down tube.  Torque the seatpost wedge bolt to 6.2Nm (55 in-lbf) and slide the rubber seatpost grommet back into the frame.

Adjusting handlebar height

Stack can be adjusted within a range of 30mm.  Two headset cap heights are available: a short 0mm cap, S192500011 and a tall 15mm cap, S192500010.  In addition to these caps, 15mm of spacers may may be placed below the Future Shock cartridge.  Note that only Future Shock spacers should be used as they are a smaller diameter than standard steerer spacers. Please see the Roubaix User Manual or a Specialized dealer to follow the correct procedures for adjusting the stack height.