All models of the Creo SL feature a Future Shock.  With 20mm of travel, the Future Shock was designed to help riders overcome obstacles on their ride, while providing compliance and giving the rider confidence on the bike. We designed the Future Shock to soak up all those small imperfections on the road.

The Creo SL S-Works, Expert, and Comp models all feature the Future Shock 2.0While the Future Shock 2.0 has 9 clicks of adjustment on the knob, the first 2 clicks from the firm setting (moving counterclockwise) have a very small adjustment. The remaining 3-9 clicks are fully open. The firm setting is not a lock-out, but is tuned to provide a more stable platform for out-of-the saddle climbing and sprinting while still absorbing large bumps.

Future Shock 2.0-equipped models also feature the new Future Stem. The inner diameter of the Future Stem is smaller than a conventional steerer, but a standard stem can be used when installed with a special shim.

The Creo SL E5 Comp features the Future Shock 1.5.

Future Shock 2.0/1.5 Manual