The Specialized SL 1.1 is an all-new custom motor that uses a magnesium case for low weight and corrosion resistance.  The assembled motor weighs 1.95kg.

The SL 1.1 motor is a 48v brushless, geared design and offers a maximum output of 240w.  An integrated power meter records the rider's input power and cadence.


All Creo SL models feature a 320Wh Li-ion main battery and are compatible with the 160Wh Range Extender. Batteries for the Creo SL are fully internal and not removable unless performed by an Authorized Specialized Retailer.

A Y-Splitter charger cable is available to allow both the main battery and the Range Extender to be charged simultaneously (98920-5660). The Y-Splitter may be used only to charge one internal and one Range Extender battery.

Range Extender Battery

Specialized Turbo SL bikes are compatible with the external Range Extender battery. This battery fits inside a bottle cage and adds 160 Wh (50% of range), which roughly translates into 1 hour of additional ride time in flat/hilly terrain. It is compact and only weighs 1 kg. 

Turbo Connect Unit (TCU)

The TCU allows you to power the bike on and off, view the battery charge level, and cycle through the support modes. It also provides limited diagnostics.

Additional TCU functions:

  • Connects to ANT+ and BLE devices (BLE requires pairing code printed on side of TCU)
  • System updates via micro USB port: The micro-USB port below the battery port is for Authorized Specialized Retailer and Specialized Service Center diagnostic use only. Please ensure the USB rubber seal is always correctly pressed in and firmly closed.
  • Restores default settings: 
    1. With bike turned OFF, press and hold the S button
    2. While holding the S button down, press the power button
    3. Continue holding the S button down until the bike restarts
    4. Power the bike up as usual. Bike will be reset to defaults.
  • Basic error notifications: The TCU has red LEDs embedded with the blue State of Charge LEDs. Different errors are displayed depending on which LED is lit:

Error CodeMeaningSolution
1Battery error

For error codes 1-4 try the following solutions:

  1. Turn your bicycle off, then turn it on again (reboot)
  2. Check the Mission Control app
  3. If the problem persists, contact your Authorized Specialized Retailer 
2Battery not found
3Motor error
4Motor not found
5Battery & motor error Contact your Authorized Specialized Retailer
6TCU coin cell battery lowReplace the coin cell battery in the TCU (CR 1620)

Notes on Error Codes:

  • All TCU error codes should be treated like a "Check Engine" light in a car. These alert the rider that something is not functioning properly, but are not intended to provide the rider with detailed fault information.
  • In most cases a system restart is going to be the next step:
    • If the issue is resolved, the rider should be able to confidently continue riding.
    • If the issue returns, the same error code will be displayed and the rider should bring the bike to their retailer.

Other Error Codes:

  • A depleted or missing coin cell battery in TCU will cause the bottom LED error code to be displayed for one minute after startup. The TCU uses one CR1620 battery.

Other TCU notes:

  • TCU can be put in "Dark Mode" through the Mission Control app. This setting will allow the TCU LEDs to remain on for about 1 second after any button press on the remote or when the mode is changed with the S button on the TCU. After one second all LEDs turn off completely and the system appears to be powered off.
  • 15 minute shutdown: If the bike receives no rider input for 15 minutes the system shuts down.

Connecting to Turbo Connect Unit

The motor support system provides a high degree of interface flexibility, through Bluetooth and/or ANT+ connectivity. Depending on the device and the connectivity option, a variety of features can be accessed.

  • Bluetooth LE (BLE): The Mission Control App (iOS or Android) provides an enhanced ride experience by recording rides while syncing with Strava, eliminating “range anxiety” with the Smart Control function, GPS-based navigation, and system diagnostics. Android and iOS devices can sync to all Turbo bicycles via Bluetooth LE. Visit Google Play or the Apple App Store for the latest version of the free Mission Control App. All Mission Control functionality instructions can be found within the App itself.
  • ANT+: The ANT+ Protocol offers a range of devices that sync with the Turbo bicycles, including the Specialized TC1 display, available separately.
  • Pairing: To pair the Turbo Connect Unit with the Mission Control app, the pin code located on the removable frame decal on the top tube must be entered in the app. The pin code is also located on the bottom of the Turbo Connect Unit (the display must be removed from the frame to see it).