Cleaning a bike regularly in an appropriate manner ensures greater longevity, less wear, and the best performance. 

Tips for cleaning an e-bike:

  • Never use a high-pressure cleaner. Use a wet cloth or a low-pressure garden hose for removing dirt.
  • Always turn off the bike before cleaning.
  • Disconnect the charger, and ensure the charge port is closed. 
  • If the bike has a Range Extender battery connected, disconnect it from the charge port and remove it before cleaning. Clean the Range Extender separately with a wet cloth, and remove dirt from connectors with a soft brush or low-pressure air.
  • Inspect the charge port for dirt accumulation. To clean inside, use a soft brush or low-pressure air.
  • Before connecting the charger or Range Extender battery, make sure all contacts and ports are dry and clean.
  • Regularly clean the Speed Sensor magnet on the rear wheel with a cloth.
  • Clean the chain and drivetrain parts thoroughly.