• Regularly inspect the battery and charger for damage. Never charge a battery which you suspect is damaged or know is broken, and do not use it.
  • Make sure the charging socket and plug are clean and dry before connecting and charging the battery.
  • Only use the supplied charger cord. Ensure the cord plug is fully inserted in the charger before plugging the charger into a power outlet.
  • Only use the Specialized charger supplied with the bicycle or other chargers approved by Specialized. Inspect the charger before every use for possible damage to the charger itself, the cable or the charging plug. Never use a charger which you suspect is damaged or know is broken.
  • Place the charger on a stable, level surface unaffected by heat. If the battery is charged outside of the frame, place the battery on the same surface as the charger.
  • You should charge the battery in a dry, well ventilated area and make sure the battery and charger are uncovered during the charging process. Ensure that the battery and charger are not exposed to any flammable or dangerous substances.

Charging instructions

  1. Turn off the bike if turned on.
  2. Plug the charger plug into an outlet (100 - 240V), using the appropriate plug for the country’s standards.
  3. Locate the charging socket on the non-drive-side of the battery, near the crank.
  4. Connect the charging plug with the charging socket on the battery.  You should charge the battery in an area with a smoke detector.
    1. The LED on the charger will glow red when the battery is charging. If the red LED is flashing, there is a charging error--disconnect the charger and contact your Authorized Specialized Retailer.
    2. The blue LEDs on the TCU indicate the level of charge in the battery in 10% intervals

  5. When charging is complete, the LED on the charger will turn green. Disconnect the charging plug from the battery socket and unplug the charger from the wall socket.

All Turbo SL bikes must be charged only with the supplied 48 V custom charger. There is also an optional Y-splitter charge cable that enables simultaneous charging of the internal battery and the range extender. It can charge one internal battery and one range extender at the same time--any other application is not recommended.

Charge Times For Full Charge

Charging Setup

3% - >100%

Stops charging
(charger LED turns green & bike turns off)

Internal Battery only

2h 35 min

2h 55 min

Range Extender only

3h 20 min*

3h 25 min

Both Internal Battery + Range extender simultaneously using a

3h 20 min

3h 35min

*NOTE: Due to a lower charging current, charging the Range Extender alone takes longer than charging the internal battery and as long as charging both Internal Battery + Ranger Extender through Y-cable. The reason for slower charge times is to maintain battery health, as higher currents would stress the cells and decrease health much quicker).