How can you tell if a Turbo bike has charge limit enabled?

In the Mission Control app > Tune screen, check that the Charge Limit feature is toggled ON. While the bike is charging, the Mastermind TCU or TCD will show a dashed line on the battery icon with Limit 80% on the screen. Every 10th charge, the system will display Full Charge Cycle to indicate the battery will fully charge. If you are charging your bike with a range extender simultaneously, the system will fully charge the range extender and limit the bike's battery charge for a total of 130% vs. 150% without the charge limit. If you enable Charge Limit on a bike equipped with the Turbo Connect Unit display, only 8 of the 10 LED bars (80%) will display.  

Note: If you have enabled the Charge Limit feature and prefer to remove the battery from the bike when charging, you will notice on the battery LEDs that the battery will stop charging at 80%, unless you are on the 10th charge.

Additional Questions on Battery Health and Charge Limit

Why does Charge Limit use 80% as maximum charge level?

We chose 80% as it is an industry standard.

Why does the system do a full charge on every 10th charge cycle?

We do this for internal battery calibration to ensure the safety and longevity of your bike’s battery.

When and why should I use this feature?

If you rarely use the full battery capacity (no lower than 20%) or if the bike/battery will not be used for up to a month. For longer storage, aim for your battery to be between 50 and 60%. Please refer to your Turbo manual for additional information about your battery.

Does it harm my battery to regularly charge to 100%?

No. We have several mechanisms in place to ensure good battery health over time, such as overcharge protection and balanced charging. Batteries usually achieve much greater health than we guarantee, with 75% or more capacity remaining after 2 years or 300 charge cycles. If you frequently ride your bike for shorter distances without using the full battery capacity, using the Charge Limit can improve long-term battery health. Generally, battery health depends on multiple variables.

What are some recommendations to maximize my battery health?

In addition to using Charge Limit when appropriate, you should avoid draining your battery below 20%. This is also when the system reduces motor power. Minimizing extreme hot and cold conditions will also protect your bike’s battery health.

Will there be a dedicated battery storage feature in the future?

We are currently exploring adding specific charge levels for long-term storage and/or transportation.

How does the Charge Limit affect the calculation of charge cycles?
The Charge Limit feature has no effect on calculating charge cycles because the Battery Management System counts the number of full charge cycles. For example, if you have a 700 watt-hour battery one charge cycle is added when 700 watt hours have been recharged–whether that takes place over one or multiple charging sessions.